Gala Information

Everton Swimming Association is a competitive swimming club, as such, it is expected that swimmers of all ages compete at all levels of ability.

Competitions and galas are run throughout the year at Club level, District level,  County, Regional and National level. In all levels there is the opportunity to compete individually or for Everton as a team member.

Everton Swimming Association has achieved success  in the past at the highest standard, with an Olympian amongst ranks, and continues to achieve success currently at National standard.

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Individuals Galas

Everton and Precot club gala

Everton Club Championships

Mini Swim series

City of Liverpool Tadpoles gala

Liverpool Splash & Dash gala

Lancashire County Championships

Southport SC Sprint

Sheffield Gala

Wigan Gala

Wirral Metro Meet

North West Regional Championships Summer

North West Regional Championships Winter

Series 2Level X Swimming leaqgue

Times Conversion

When entering Long Course (50m pool) events, entry times must be Long Course based. Some Long Course meets will allow the use of Short Course (25m pool) times if converted using standard conversion tables. It is also possible to use Long Course times converted to Short Course times for entry into most Short Course events. 

Licensed Meets Swim England

Swim England ratify the events listed.