Coronavirus Notice

Further to the outbreak of coronavirus (covid19), the committee at Everton Swimming Association would like to reassure parents that we are awaiting the advice of Swim England, the Government, and from the specific amenities that we use as a swimming club.

At present, we have not had any indications from either Swim England, The Government or Knowsley, St Edwards or Picton that swimming should not continue, at this point in time.

Obviously, if the situation changes, we will notify the parents of these changes.

If any swimmer, parent or carer is feeling unwell and not able to train, can they please notify the appropriate lead coach.

If  the management at  any of our swimming venues  decides to close their pool, then we will stop at that location, until further notice,  but will continue to train at the other locations as shown on the club schedule.

This situation can be subject to change, but at present, training continues.                                                       

We can also assure you that at present the Easter Course will go ahead, unless we hear otherwise, from either Swim England, The Government or Liverpool University.

For further information use the National Health Service official website

Everton Swimming Association Committee